I am a Manhattan-born/Bronx, NY native, raised between there and the Bay Area of Northern California. I attended the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, receiving a B.A. in Communications. In the early-aughts, I wrote pop culture critiques for a now-defunct online urban lifestyle magazine. I’m currently a resident of Harlem, New York. When I’m not compulsively clicking through IG-ads to buy make-up, head scarves and assorted other things I don’t need, I’m grossly underestimating how long anything will take to accomplish. Or opening the 40 Chrome tabs I swore I’d keep down to 20… then opening a new window to pretend I stuck to my ‘rule’. I’m the messiest Virgo you’ll ever meet (yes, I promise). But also the chill-est (nope, that’s not a thing). I enjoy spending time relaxing at home and being outside exploring. I get the majority of my inspiration and sense of place from my bustling metropolis but also from collecting stamps in my passport.
For me, writing has always been my preferred form of creative expression and an outlet. Having a book to share is like a dream coming true! Starting with offering up my very first (completed) story to my fourth-grade class, it’s been a goal of mine to become a great storyteller! But even way back then, seated in front of my classmates, I knew the secret to what makes storytelling so special to me was not just the story but getting a chance to share it with others. And now, with this website –along with the book itself— that aspiration is becoming manifest. I cannot thank you enough for your interest in taking part in the culmination of this life-long passion!

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Favorite Season? 

Trek…Live Long and Prosper 🖖🏾

Star Wars/Star Trek?

Butterfly Sanctuary in Central Mexico

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Storm of the X-Men, always

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Sweet…like me, LOL!

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I’m a creature of the night 🦇

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Gimme the Zombies.

Dystopian Future or Zombie Apocalypse? 

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