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If you’re looking for Women’s Fiction and Contemporary Romance that’s sweet, real and just a bit spicy, you’re in the right place. I’m so grateful you’re here!

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It's hard to move on from a broken heart—and harder to move on from a broken friendship.

Her life is up in the air—literally…

A writer, book enthusiast, comic book nerd and pop-culture geek since childhood, Noué has been called, a “6/10”, “oddly knowledgeable”, possessed of “far too much time on her hands”, and a “number one ‘phone-a-friend’ should someone find themselves on a game show."

When she’s not foisting her unsolicited opinions about various media on the unsuspecting, she’s busy consuming copious amounts of it: binging TV shows, devouring movies, hoarding comic books and inhaling romance novels. Or she is herself writing, dreaming up lives for formidable women and the people who love them.

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Life moves fast. (Me? Not so much). But still interested in knowing what I AM up to anyway? Click below to get all the latest updates on what I am working on, where I am going to be and what is happening in my adventures through Romancelandia.

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